User interface

Beautiful User Interface

With an inteface optimized for playback and features to deal with large numbers of episodes, BringCast provides a superb listening experience.


Built-in Library

Find and subscribe to your favorite shows using the built-in database or add them manually by URL. Import or export your subscription lists via OneDrive.


Deeply Integrated

Integrated into Windows Phone with Live Tiles, pinnable podcasts, background downloads, background audio playback and more.

Automated. Bring the shows you love straight to you.

BringCast has a simple, automated workflow whether you like to play every episode of a show, or pick and choose based on interest. Set your favorite shows to automatically add new episodes to the player, or use the inbox to pick what to play as they come in. New episodes are downloaded in the background and old episodes are cleaned up when you're done with them.

Automatically add episodes, or use the inbox to triage

Skip Play

Flexible. Podcasting your way.

Download or stream? Audio or video? Headphones or Bluetooth? Comedy or technology? Whatever you like! BringCast includes advanced features, like Skip Play for rapidly seeking through episodes along with background audio playback so you can do other tasks on your phone while listening. It even supports password-protected podcasts.

Customizable. Checkmate.

BringCast is completely customizable to suit your preferences. You can adjust skip intervals, download over Wi-Fi or cellular, use Bluetooth controls to seek through episodes... You can even change the app theme! BringCast does it all.

Fully customizable and skinnable

Demo. See for yourself.

Check out the video to see BringCast in action.

 by Jordan

"This is the best podcatcher I've seen on WP (and rivals anything I've seen on Android, honestly)."

 by Mattias (@devlead)

"Superb podcast app, without contest the app I use most on Windows Phone."

 by Glenn (@gblinckmann)

"Absolutely the best podcast app on Windows Phone, period. If you like to listen to podcasts while driving, this podcast app is particularly well designed for mobile use. It really rates six stars on a scale of one to five. This is the biggest bargain in entertainment."

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